Monika Bottez

English Department
University of Bucharest
7-13 Pitar Mos St., Bucharest I

phone, fax: (+ 40 1) 3121313
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Dr. Monica Bottez is Professor of Canadian Literature at the University of Bucharest (Canadian Studies and British Cultural Studies MA Programs), She also teaches the Victorian and 20th century English novel. Her research interests also include the contemporary American novel, narratology, mythical and archetypal patterns in literature, cultural studies


Main interest in Canadian Studies:

20th Century Fiction

Courses taught:

Literature and Culture in English

Courses planned:

An Archetypal Approach to English-Canadian Literature

Canadian Studies Publications:

"The Diviners: An Archetypal Canadian Novel", Annals of the University of Bucharest, 1996.
M. Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale - translation, notes, and afterword, University of Bucharest, 1995.


·         Infinite Horizons: Canadian Fiction in English .University of Bucharest Press, 2004.

·        Motley Landscapes. Studies in Contemporary American Fiction, University of Bucharest Press, 1997.

·        Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid\'s Tale / Galaad 2195, translation, notes, Afterword, Bucharest: Univers, 1995.



     “Individualism and Communal Feeling in Howard O\'Hagan\'s Tay John and Sheila Watson\'s The Double Hook, , Individual and Community: Canada in the 20th Century, Brno: Masaryk University Press, 2004

    “Still Any Hope for Man? Intercultural Aspects: Canada and U.S.A. ,ed by F.P.Kirsch, W .Zacharasiewicz, Vienna: Centre for Canadian Studies of theUniversity of Vienna , 2002.

·        “Cultural Heritage in Margaret Atwood\'s The Diviners", The Proceedings of the First International Conference of Central European Canadianists, Brno:Masaryk U.P. 2001.

·        “Nature in Howard O\'Hagan\'s Tay John", University of Bucharest Review, no. 11, 2001. 

·         ‘Rhetorics of Nature: Faulkner\'s The Bear and Sadoveanu\'s  Bear\'s Eye", in Transatlantic Connections, ed. By R. Mihaila & I. Pana, Bucuresti: 2000.

·        “The Staring Universe of Dickens\'s Novels" in Ana Cartianu Festschrift, ed. A.Cornilescu, A.Nicolescu, I.Pana, University of  Bucharest Press, 2000.

·        “Margaret\'s Alarm Signal to Mankind", in Canada and the Millenium, ed. By Anna Jakabfi, Lorand Eotvos University Press, Budapest: 1999.

·        “The Universe of Iris Murdoch\'s Novels", Afterword to Iris Murdoch, Jackson\'s Dilemma, Univers Enciclopedic, Bucuresti: 1998.


Other Canadian Studies Activities:

- Member of Centre Roumain d'Etudes Canadiennes (CREC)
- Presentation "Cultural Heritage in M. Laurence's 'The Diviners'" at the 1st International Conference of Central European Canadianists, Brno, Czech Republic, November, 1998. The presentation is currently under review for publication in the conference proceedings.
- Participant in the Faculty Enrichment Program, sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, October, 1998.
- Participation in the GKS annual conference at Greinau, February, 1999.
- Radio program on M. Atwood, 1995.