Vladimir Gvozden

Department of Comparative Literature
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Novi Sad
Stevana Musica 24
Serbia and Montenegro

phone, fax: Tel. +381 21 43 39 74, Fax. +381 21 45 05 97
e-mail: vgvozden@neobee.net
Web (CV, publications, ...):

Main interest in Canadian Studies: Theory and Methodology of Comparative Literature in Canada, Literature in the Context of Multiculturality

Courses currently taught: Introduction to Comparative Study of Literature, The European Novel in 18th century, Modernist canon

Courses planned: Comparative Literature in Canada in the Context of Multiculturality

Canadian Studies publications:

- The Image of Canada in Contemporary Serbian Novel: David Albahari's The Man of Snow and  Vladimir Tasic's Farewell Gift , Other Language: Otherness in Canadian Culture, First International  Conference of Canadian Studies, Yugoslav Association for Canadian Studies (YACS) and Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, Belgrade, Hotel Palace, 18-20 October 2003 (conference proceedings, in print). 

- Linda Hacion, Poetika postmodernizma, Novi Sad: Svetovi, 1996 (Tr. of Linda Hutcheon, The Poetics of Postmodernism).

- Vil Kimlika, Multikulturalno gradjanstvo, Novi Sad: Centar za multikulturalizam, 2002 (Tr. of Will Kymlicka, Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights)

Other Canadian Studies activities:

Consultant, Centre of Multiculturality, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro