Wieslaw Oleksy

University of Lodz
ul.Skladowa 41/43, 90-127 Lódz

phone, fax: (++48) (42 6354254) Fax: (++48) 42 635 4260)
e-mail: oleksy@krysia.uni.lodz.pl
Web (CV, publications, ...):

Main interest in Canadian Studies:

Canadian media, society, and linguistics

Courses currently taught:

Technology and society in Canada and the USA

Courses planned:

Canadian media and society

Canadian Studies publications:

Edited Canadian section authored by Jack L. Granatstein in: W. Oleksy (ed). 2000. "Challenges and Perspectives of Higher Education". Lodz: Zammpress.

Other Canadian Studies activities:

Director of Canadian Studies Resource Centre at the Univ. of Lodz
Organized international seminars and conferences and chaired Canadian sections